Even though engines and batteries both play big role, the transmission is the most important part of any vehicle. While there are plenty of Jeep® dealers in Wisconsin, few understand the mechanics of our vehicles better than Van Horn Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Plymouth. We’ll not only ensure your transmission is operating properly, but we’ll help you prolong the life of this essential component.

Your transmission is so important because it has one of the most demanding tasks of them all, to ensure the right amount of power goes to your wheels. The transmission component makes this all possible by shifting gears. Without your transmission, your car is unlikely to function well, if at all. While there are a variety of transmission types out there, typically automakers like Chrysler, Dodge, RAM, and Jeep will provide you with either a manual or automatic transmission. A manual transmission requires that you shift gears by hand, and is easier to maintain than its automated counterpart. Automatic transmissions, as the name implies, shift gears on their own without much input from the driver.

Your transmission, like all car components, won’t last forever. Fortunately, you can extend the lifespan of your transmission by changing out the transmission fluid. Every transmission is built differently, however, some automakers suggest that you change your transmission fluid once every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. By changing out this highly-effective lubricant, you can ensure all of the components of your transmission run smoothly, and in the long term prevent long-term mechanical issues.

Interested to know more about transmissions? Well, if you visit our Dodge, RAM, Jeep, and Chrysler service center one of our auto technicians can fill you in on everything you want to know. At Van Horn Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Plymouth we have earned our place as one of the most well-known dealerships in the Sheboygan area through our excellent service, great cars, and extensive automotive knowledge.