Sometimes our customers from throughout the Sheboygan area visit our dealership to do more than take advantage of our great Jeep®, RAM, Chrysler, and Dodge deals; sometimes they come to purchase a new set of tires. At Van Horn Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM FIAT of Plymouth, we are the undisputed tire experts and can help you find the perfect set for your vehicle.

There is more to buying a new set of tires than finding the right measurements. Part of tire shopping means finding a set that has been tempered and graded to handle your lifestyle. For instance, plenty of our customers visit our dealership hoping to take their vehicle off the beaten path. In this case, we’d point them in the direction of off-road tires, which are designed to handle the kind of beating involved with off-roading. At the same time, off-road tires tend to have deeper lines of tread to provide superior traction on difficult terrain.

Another factor to consider is the speed rating of a set of tires. The speed rating determines just how much heat and friction that a tire can endure. Great for performance vehicles, and speed-lovers, high-speed rating tires can make the difference between a thrilling drive, and blowing out your tires preemptively.

Load index is another thing you might see on a tire shopping list. The load index is the amount of weight that your tires can support. Overload this limit and you can end up damaging your tires. Drivers who are looking to haul plenty of cargo, or who own larger vehicles, will find tires with a high load index can get the job done.

No matter your drive style, lifestyle, or vehicle, the tire experts in our Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and RAM parts center are here to help you find the perfect set. At Van Horn Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM FIAT of Plymouth, we strive to be your main provider of all things automotive.