When your RAM 1500 or Jeep® Cherokee gets a flat tire, don’t panic. Changing a tire is actually pretty simple, and you’ll be back on the road in no time. Check out the step-by-step guide from your local Dodge dealers serving Appleton, WI here at Van Horn Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM FIAT of Plymouth.

  1. Find a safe place: When you get a flat tire, get off the road as fast and safe as possible to a place where you can change the tire. This could include moving over to the shoulder or down a side street.
  1. Gather your tools: Most vehicles have a spare tire, a tire iron, and a jack. Locate these tools to begin.
  2. Loosen the lug nuts: Without removing them completely, loosen the lug nuts on the flat tire using the tire iron.
  3. Insert the jack underneath the tire: Raise the vehicle enough so the tire is completely off the ground.
  4. Remove the tire: Completely remove the wheel lugs and remove the flat tire.
  5. Install the spare: It can be difficult, but you’ll need to align the spare tire to the wheel studs. Then, put the lug nuts back on and tighten them so the wheel is snug.
  1. Lower the vehicle: Bring the vehicle all the way to the ground and completely tighten the lug nuts with the tire iron. You’re now ready to drive on the spare, but remember that you shouldn’t drive very fast or far.
  1. Visit our Wisconsin Chrysler dealership!

Make your way to our Plymouth RAM dealership, and we’ll get you set up with a new tire or repair your flat tire. Call us at 844-453-9908 with any further questions. We look forward to helping you soon!