When you drive off the lot with your brand new Jeep®, Dodge, Chrysler, or RAM vehicle, the very next thing to consider is the long-term care of it. That long-term care begins and ends at the pump. But what is the right fuel for your new vehicle?

Not to worry, Van Horn Dodge, your Wisconsin Dodge dealer is here to help.

The Difference Between Regular and Premium

At pretty much every gas station in the United States, gas buyers are confronted with the same three choices: regular, mid-grade, or premium. Where most people think of the choice between regular gas and premium gas as the choice between being thrifty and being conscientious, it’s not that simple.

The distinction isn’t just in the price, it’s in the octane level. Regular fuel has a lower octane level than premium fuel. Octane is a component of gasoline that makes it more resistant to combustion. Gas with more octane, like premium fuel,  is more resistant to the pressure produced by a combustion engine.

On a practical level, the difference between regular fuel, which has a combustion level of 87, and premium fuel, which has a combustion level of 93, is a split second. For some high-performance vehicles, that’s a huge difference. Unless you’re driving a luxury car, the difference between regular and premium is just the difference it makes in your pocketbook.

A lot of engineers even design engines with their driver’s wallet in mind. Most engines are designed to function perfectly well using 87-octane fuel.

Van Horn Dodge is Your Friend at the Pump

At Van Horn Dodge, we have a huge selection of cars, trucks, and SUVs that will help you get the most from your experiences at the fuel pump. Whether you want an edge in your performance or you’re looking for an advantage at the end of the month, we’ve got something that’s perfect for you.