At Van Horn Dodge, the only thing more important to us than your satisfaction is your safety. That’s why we would like for drivers throughout Wisconsin to take a few moments to become familiar with the warning lights on the dashboard of their Dodge car or SUV.

Irregular Box With Two Parallel Lines

This is the check engine light, the result of your engine setting off a Diagnostic Trouble Code. This requires a trip to the service department so that a professional can assess the larger issue.

Windshield With Dotted Arches Above It

This is an easy fix. Simply fill up your windshield washer fluid and you’re good to go, or bring your vehicle into our dealership for routine maintenance and we’ll fill it for you.

Oil Change Due

This warning light is both self-explanatory and not to be ignored. This light turns on after your Dodge vehicle has performed seriously complicated algorithms to determine that your oil is no longer helping your vehicle. It’s important to get an oil change immediately.

Box With a Plus and Minus Inside

Typically, this light means there’s an issue with your battery. If it comes on when you are driving, though, it’s pointing to an issue with the electrical system. Turn off all unnecessary electrical equipment and get your car to our Dodge service center as soon as possible.

Thermometer Above Two Wavy Lines

Your engine’s temperature is getting dangerously high. You should pull over immediately and turn off your car until the engine cools down. If you were using the air conditioning, don’t resume using it once you restart the car. If your engine continues to overheat, there’s a larger issue and you should get the vehicle serviced.

Find Your Answers at Van Horn Dodge

No matter the issue with your Dodge car or SUV, we can take care of it at our first-rate Dodge service center in Plymouth, WI. You can put your faith in the technicians at Van Horn Dodge, so stop by and visit us today.